Pets Are Part of the Family!

Berta-O Photography and Children's Book Author

“If it’s not love, it’s not real. Everything is happening to bring us into a deeper love.” -- Roberta Berta-O Freedom  

The author of “Lucky Ferrari” and a dedicated practitioner, Roberta Berta-O Freedom spent almost two decades learning to achieve greater enlightenment through Yoga, Qigong, and Mixed Martial Arts. In her second book, “Dragon Yoga”, she shares her knowledge and motivation with young readers longing to light the way along their own paths. 

The inspiration for “Dragon Yoga” is derived from one of Roberta’s favorite muses, a room filling red and blue dragon, which appeared to her during a restorative aerial yoga class. With the magic of dragons a touchstone of every word, readers will get hooked on the primordial whispers of the soul, beckoning them to their calling. Whatever the true practice, be it chanting, meditation or presence, she illustrates how it is all connected in the practice of yoga. The mindful practice of Mixed Martial Arts, Qigong and Yoga merges the ancient crafts of China and India to honor the dragon spirit.

As a trained respiratory therapist Roberta is uniquely aware of the importance of breath in the circle of life. She is also a celebrated pet photographer, having channeled her love of animals into that passionate pursuit. She has traveled extensively and contributed hundreds of hours in service to the communities in which she has lived. Giving back and paying it forward is woven into the pattern of Roberta’s professional and personal life. 

Encouraging readers to follow their bliss and attaining the patience to be still until the spirit moves them, the “Dragon Yoga” message is one each of us can follow. Stay a child at heart throughout life and surrender to our soul footprint and know we are all diamonds waiting to shine our brilliance on the world. 


Kelly Merritt

Freelance Lifestyle Writer & Author